Research withVR is a toolbox of customizable virtual reality speaking situations. Researchers have the possibility to utilize advanced virtual reality headsets with biometric data such as eye tracking.

We've been creating Research withVR since 2015 and our Founder, Gareth Walkom, was one of the first to publish research on virtual reality for speech therapy. From 2015, we've been working closely with leading researchers in speech therapy to build Research withVR.

One of the main difficulties a researcher has is testing a given hypotheses in real-life speaking situations. We bring the real-life speaking situations to your lab.

Research withVR uses advanced virtual reality headsets with the possibility of eye tracking, face tracking, heart rate detection, and cognitive load calculations.

Using Research withVR, you can also pre-define commands beforehand so that each participant has exactly the same experience. We also offer subjective rating functionlity. All biometric data gathered is exported to a CSV file for you to analyze in your own way.

Due to the customizable nature of Research withVR, researchers continously make new conditions and shape them to test new hypotheses.

Prefer practicing using virtual reality at home?